Wind storm windows from Master Builders are available in a variety of styles:

Single-Hung Windows

These are traditional sash windows, which remain popular because they can open without intruding on any interior or exterior space. Always a good choice, they can be used in a wide variety of situations.

Casement Windows

With a hinge on the side, these windows swing open like a door to welcome the breeze and provide lovely, clear views.

Horizontal Rolling Windows

These open and close like a sliding door and offer a sleek contemporary feel.

Awning Windows

When open, these windows project out from your house like an awning – so you won’t have to worry about the rain coming in. They can be used to complement most styles of architecture and are a popular choice for use in bathrooms.

Fixed Windows

If you want to fill a room with light or maximize the view but don’t need ventilation, fixed windows might be an excellent option – especially for larger openings in your home.

Insulated Windows

Adding an extra pane of glass to your impact replacement windows creates a space filled with air or gas that provides insulation, which helps your home stay comfortably cool on even the hottest summer day. Insulated hurricane impact windows tend to be more expensive, but that cost can be offset by the increased energy efficiency they provide.  


The addition or replacement of a skylight must be done by a licensed roofing company. Fortunately, Master Builders is a fully licensed roofing contractor – unlike the majority of window companies in South Florida.

Sliding Glass Doors

French Doors

Entry Doors

Garage Doors 

Commercial Windows

Framing Options: 

  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Wood-like finishes


Not sure which windows or styles might be right for your home? Our professional product specialists are here to help. 

And – whether you want to go with single-hung impact windows in Parkland or the clean lines and contemporary feel of horizontal rolling impact windows in Lighthouse Point, when your beautiful new impact replacement windows have been installed, we’ll have them professionally cleaned!