Why do you need impact windows and doors?

Why do you need impact windows and doors?

Why do you need impact windows and doors?

Florida is far more likely to be hit by a hurricane than any other state.

In recent years, the national news has often focused on the devastation experienced in the wake of hurricanes that hit Texas, North Carolina and even New York. Certainly, there are people in those states wishing they had impact windows and doors? So, why did Master Builders base its business selling and installing impact windows and doors in Boca Raton? Because research conducted at Colorado State University shows that Florida is still far more likely to be hit by a hurricane than any other state in the nation.

Headline grabbing storms that have ravaged other states might make you doubt the research:

  • In 2017, as The Texas Tribune reports, “Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the Texas Coast, dumping more than 50 inches of rain in parts of the Houston area, flooding thousands of homes and killing more than 80 people.”
  • In North Carolina in 2018, “Some residents hadn’t yet recovered from 2016’s Hurricane Matthew when Hurricane Florence stalled over the state in September and dumped more than 30 inches of rain. The deluge turned interstates into rivers, made the port city of Wilmington almost an island, and flooded tens of thousands of homes. A few weeks later, the remnants of Hurricane Michael brought even more rain to North Carolina, knocking out power to thousands and causing flooding.”

Despite the concerns residents of North Carolina and other states are expressing about hurricanes, those of us who live in Florida are still much more likely to come face to face with a hurricane.

Researchers at Colorado State University, reported these statistics pertaining to the likelihood of a storm making landfall just a few months ago:

StateHurricaneMajor Hurricane
Texas 33%12%
Louisiana 30%12%
Mississippi 11%4%
Alabama 16%3%
Florida 51%21%
Georgia 11%1%
South Carolina17%4%
North Carolina28%8%
Virginia 6%1%
New York8%3%
Rhode Island6%3%


Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and New Hampshire all made the list with only a 1% probability of being impacted by a hurricane this year.

If you live in Palm Beach or Broward County, you need impact windows and doors because Florida is much more likely to be hit by a hurricane than any other state in the nation. Texas and Louisiana are the only other states to even reach a 30% probability of being hit by a hurricane. They are also the only other states to have a double-digit probability of experiencing a major hurricane – 12% as compared to Florida’s 21%

We have been installing hurricane windows for Boca Raton neighbors and South Florida homeowners from The Keys to The Treasure Coast for more than 30 years. As the 2019 hurricane season approaches, if you want information about installing hurricane windows in a Boca Raton Mediterranean Rival-style home, want the protection of impact windows and doors for a Delray Beach bungalow or want to protect your family and your home with the installation of impact windows in Coral Springs, Master Builders is here to help.

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