What to tell family and friends up north when a hurricane is coming

What to tell family and friends up north when a hurricane is coming - impact windows and doors from Boca Raton

What to tell family and friends up north when a hurricane is coming

It doesn’t matter how many hurricanes you’ve been through or how well installed your impact windows and doors from Boca Raton-based Master Builders Windows are, if you have family and friends out-of-state, they’re going to be concerned.

As you may already know, the people who care about you but don’t live here are probably going to tell you to evacuate. In truth, you should only evacuate if you are in an evacuation zone or if you have a medical condition, are elderly or otherwise could be in danger if left to ride out the storm on your own.

As the CDC says, “Sometimes, staying at home is safer than leaving.”

But how do you explain that to your well-intentioned loved ones?  Telling them that you have newly installed hurricane impact windows in your Delray Beach home or that you have hurricane windows and doors in your Pompano Beach townhouse probably won’t be enough to soothe their anxiety.  

4 Tips for communicating with out-of-state family and friends

As many Floridians learned during Hurricane Irma, evacuating isn’t always the best idea. In fact, Bill Johnson, the director of emergency management in Palm Beach County during Hurricane Irma, told NPR that nearly half of those who fled their homes for Hurricane Irma were from areas where evacuations had not been ordered.

“We have an over-evacuation problem,” he said.

You can tell your family that you’re staying put because:

  1. The path of the hurricane could easily change. You could end up driving into more danger – and find yourself on the road without a safe place to stay.  
  2. You’ll find, as a hurricane draws closer, that supplies of gasoline can run short. Even if you are able to fill up before leaving home, you might encounter shortages on the road and find yourself stranded.
  3. The biggest threat from a hurricane is not the winds – as frightening as the forecasts make them sound. Storm surge and flooding are the greater danger.  Your home’s proximity to the beach is the single largest factor in determining who should – and should not – evacuate.
  4. And, if you’re not in an evacuation zone and you go to a hurricane shelter, you are using limited resources that other members of the community may be in need of – more need than you.

For more information on communicating with family when a hurricane is coming our way, check out FEMA’s Family Communications Plan. It will guide you as you put together the information you’ll need. You don’t need to wait until a hurricane is on our doorstep to fill it out.  

And you shouldn’t wait until hurricane season starts on June 1 to thing about protecting your home in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Deerfield or any of the other South Florida communities Master Builders Windows serves – including Coral Springs, with impact windows and doors.

For more information or for a free quote, contact us today!

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