Storms Can Get a Head Start on Hurricane Season

impact windows and doors - Storms Can Get a Head Start on Hurricane Season

Storms Can Get a Head Start on Hurricane Season

There are plenty of people who don’t start thinking about having impact windows and doors installed until hurricane season is underway. Waiting until you see a storm brewing on the horizon before calling Master Builder Hurricane Windows in Boca Raton could be a costly mistake, however. 

Hurricane season doesn’t officially begin until June 1, but that doesn’t seem to mean much to Mother Nature anymore. For each of the past five years, storms began brewing before the official start of the season: 

  • 2019: Subtropical Storm Andrea, the first named storm on the 2019 hurricane season, formed on May 20
  • 2018: Tropical Storm Alberto got its name on May 25. After causing extensive flooding and taking 10 lives in Cuba, the storm moved up through the Gulf of Mexico. When it reached Florida, it had sustained winds of 51 mph, with gusts as strong as 59 mph. Trees and power lines were toppled, storm surge reached buildings in the Panhandle and even inland states experienced flooding. 
  • 2017: When Tropical Storm Arlene emerged as a subtropical depression on April 19, becoming a full-fledged tropical storm the next day, it became the sixth-known named storm to form in the month of April. Arlene kicked off what remains the costliest hurricane season on record. Total damages are estimated at more than $290 billion. The 2017 season was also among the most active hurricane seasons on record. Before it was over, there were 17 named storms, 10 hurricanes and a devastating total of six major hurricanes, including Harvey, Irma and Marie. 
  • 2016: Hurricane Alex got its start as a low-pressure system over northwestern Cuba on January 6 and attained hurricane force winds by January 10. Yes, January!
  • 2015: Tropical Storm Ana hit the South Carolina Coast on May 10, earning a place in the record books as the storm with the earliest U.S. landfall.

If you want to be sure your lovely home in Boca Raton has hurricane windows or your business in Pompano Beach has impact windows and doors before the 2020 hurricane season starts on June 1, the pros at Master Builder Florida Window Company of Boca Raton are here to help.

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