Protect Your Roof with Hurricane Windows

Protect Your Roof with Hurricane Windows

Protect Your Roof with Hurricane Windows

Most of the homeowners and small business people who call Master Builder Hurricane Windows & Doors in Boca Raton looking for ways to enhance the safety and security of their homes and businesses are interested in installing impact resistant windows that will prevent the driving winds and rain of a hurricane from destroying the contents of their home, office or warehouse. They are almost always surprised when we tell them that hurricane windows can save their roofs.  

The Real Strength of Hurricane Windows

Impact windows from Boca Raton’s Master Builder Windows Company offer a number of benefits – including but not limited to protection from break-ins, noise reduction and, of course, storm protection. When it comes to storm protection, the hurricane windows on your Deerfield Beach home might be working harder than you know. 

“You might expect that the main advantage of non-breaking hurricane-resistant windows is that they prevent water from damaging the inside of your home, but the real advantage is structural,” the folks at The Balance Small Business say. 

That’s right, while the hurricane windows on your Boca Raton business or the windows and doors on your Pompano Beach home installed by Master Builders Window Company of Boca Raton will help keep you and the people and places you value most dry, more importantly, they will help keep the roof secure over your heads. 

“Studies have shown that total home destruction is often caused by the sudden pressure changes that occur when windows and doors blow out entirely. The increased air pressure entering the home can blow off roofs and cause walls to collapse. Keeping the windows and doors intact and preventing these air pressure changes can save a home from a devastating collapse,” The Balance Small Business explains. 

If you are considering installing hurricane windows or doors on your Boca Raton condo, impact windows on your Pompano Beach business or hurricane garage doors on your Deerfield Beach home and would like more information about the protection they provide, please contact us. We’d love to help.

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