Hurricane Preparedness Week begins tomorrow!

Hurricane Preparedness Week begins tomorrow! Will you be protected by hurricane impact windows and doors?

Hurricane Preparedness Week begins tomorrow!

Will you be protected by hurricane impact windows and doors?

Last year, the United States endured one of the most disastrous hurricane seasons in recorded history.  Within the span of a single month, three powerful hurricanes battered the country and its territories. The intense winds associated with Category 4 and 5 strength storms caused extreme damage along the East Coast, Gulf Coast and in the Caribbean. Lives were lost and millions of Americans were impacted.

In Florida, Hurricane Irma’s unexpected change in course found many Floridians unprepared and unprotected. Those protected by hurricane impact windows and doors were spared the frantic rush to put up hurricane shutters or cover their windows with plywood as the huge storm bore down on them. We heard from many people wishing they had impact windows in Boca Raton, Parkland, Lighthouse Point and other communities throughout Broward, Miami-Dade, Martin, Monroe and Palm Beach Counties.

National Hurricane Preparedness Week begins tomorrow and runs through May 12.  It’s a wonderful reminder of the importance of planning ahead and being prepared. And don’t think just because you live in Coral Springs, Weston or West Boca Raton that hurricane windows aren’t necessary. As the experts will tell you, the damage hurricanes can do is not limited to South Florida’s coastal regions. Hurricanes can wreak havoc and cause catastrophic damage hundreds of miles inland.

The National Weather Service has gone beyond just encouraging us all to prepare, they have outlined a wonderful day-by-day outline that will take you through Hurricane Preparedness Week.

Sunday, May 6: Determine Your Risk

The NWS advises all of us to determine what types of winds and water hazards could threaten our homes and families. Once you’ve identified the risks, you can start preparing for how to handle them. You might not have to worry about storm surge where you live, but everyone should be concerned with the strong winds and tornadoes associated with hurricanes and tropical storms. If you have questions regarding the kind of protection hurricane doors in Delray Beach or impact windows in Boca Raton will provide your family, please contact us at Master Builders! Our highly trained product specialists will be happy to answer your questions.

Hurricane Preparedness Week begins tomorrow! Will you be protected by hurricane impact windows and doors?

Monday, May 7: Evacuation Plan

All the experts, not just the NWS encourage Floridians to plan ahead. That includes having an evacuation plan.  “Figure out where you’d go and how you’d get there if told to evacuate. Identify someone – perhaps a friend or relative who doesn’t live in an evacuation zone or unsafe home – and coordinate with them to use their home as your evacuation destination. Be sure to account for your pets, as most local shelters do not permit them. Put the plan in writing for you and those you care about,” the NWS says.

Evacuation Plan

Tuesday, May 8: Assemble Disaster Supplies

Most hurricane supplies can be purchased well ahead of time, so you won’t have to waste precious time standing in lines at the store.

Assemble Disaster Supplies

Wednesday, May 9: Get an Insurance Checkup

When was the last time you talked to your insurance agent? Make sure you have adequate coverage for home and car.

Get an Insurance Checkup

Thursday, May 10: Strengthen your home

We expect our phones to be very busy on this day! Don’t worry, our product specialists will be available if you have questions regarding hurricane impact windows or hurricane doors in Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Pierce or The Keys.  Master Builders can also assist you with hurricane doors for your garage. As the NWS says, “The garage door is the most vulnerable part of the home, so it must be able to withstand high winds.”

Strengthen your home

Friday, May 11: Help your neighbor

According to the NWS, “Many people rely on the assistance of neighbors before and after hurricanes.”

Help your neighbor

Saturday, May 12: Complete your written plan

Complete your written plan

And remember, if you have questions, you can contact Master Builders’ experts any day of the week!

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