Florida Building Codes for Impact Windows and Doors

Florida Building Codes for Impact Windows and Doors - impact windows and doors in Delray Beach

Florida Building Codes for Impact Windows and Doors

Master Builders Hurricane Windows is based in Boca Raton and we install many impact windows and doors in Delray Beach, Boca and other Palm Beach County communities, but we always use impact windows and doors that meet the stringent Miami-Dade County codes.

Why? Because they are the toughest anywhere.

As the Miami Herald reports, “That statewide code, developed to boost the storm resistance of residential and commercial construction across Florida after Hurricane Andrew devastated South Miami-Dade in 1992, went into effect in 2002. It incorporated the toughened post-Andrew South Florida Building Code, allowing Broward and Miami-Dade counties to retain their demanding windstorm rules as a “high-velocity” wind zone. But the Legislature declined to impose the same level of regulation across the state, opting instead for a tiered approach.”

The Florida Building Commission is responsible for developing the code. The Commission is made up of 27 members, who are appointed by the governor. The members represent the following professional fields:

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Contractors
  • Fire protection
  • Building officials
  • Product manufacturers
  • Insurance industry representatives
  • Public education representatives
  • Green building representatives


The statewide building code is supposed to establish minimum requirements to safeguard the public health, safety and general welfare through structural strength, means of egress facilities, stability, sanitation, adequate light and ventilation, energy conservation, and safety to life and property from fire and other hazards attributed to the built environment and to provide safety to fire fighters and emergency responders during emergency operations.  It is updated every three years.

Currently, the section of the code relating to windstorms specifies different standards for different areas of the state. In areas where the likelihood of a major storm making landfall are minimal, lower standards than those set by Miami-Dade County have been set by the state.

That system may make sense for some of the inland areas of the state, but with the increase in the number and intensity of hurricanes in recent years, basing standards on historical data might not provide realistic guidelines. Fortunately, the Florida Building Commission issues a revised code every three years.

Regardless of what the Florida Building Commission decides, here at Master Builders Doors & Windows in Boca Raton, FL, we will continue to ensure our customers receive the best protection available. Our expert installation teams have plenty of experience installing impact windows for our Boca Raton neighbors, windows and doors for Pompano Beach homeowners, impact windows and doors for Delray Beach families – well, you get the idea. We would be proud to ensure your family has the best protection possible this hurricane season. For more information or for a free quote, please contact us.

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