All the benefits associated with impact windows and hurricane doors add up to make your new impact windows a true value!  Whether you’re building a new house in Boca Raton or embarking on a home-improvement project in Fort Lauderdale, impact-resistant windows will enhance the value of your property.

Added Security: Impact windows protect your home from more than hurricane conditions. They’ll help keep thieves from breaking in and taking your prized possessions. Breaking a window is an easy way for burglars to gain access to your home. To meet the high standards set by Miami-Dade County, an impact window must go through rigorous testing. One test involves shooting a nine-pound 2-by-4 from a canon at a speed of 50 feet per second – twice. If a window stands up to that, a burglar doesn’t stand a chance.

Lower Insurance Premiums: In Florida, insurance companies are required to offer homeowners who take certain steps to protect their homes from damage caused by windstorms certain reduced rates. These deductions are officially referred to as Wind Mitigation Credits. Among the things that will make your home safer and that may earn you a deduction in your premium are the covering of your roof, the roof-deck attachment (this is the visible underside of your roof) and the roof-to-wall connection (the areas where the exterior walls of your home connect to the roof).  Having a hip roof is a good thing, too. And, of course, having protection for all the openings to your home. That’s where impact windows and doors in Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach and a host of other cities along the Gold Coast expertly installed by Master Builders’ team of seasoned professionals come in.

If your windows and doors are unprotected, the strong winds of a hurricane can bust them open. If that happens, you’ll have to worry about more than the damage the wind and the wind-driven rain will do to your possessions. As the Florida Department of Emergency Management explains, “Window and door protection may make the critical difference between losing your roof and keeping it on.” If an opening to your house is compromised during a hurricane, the wind has an opportunity to attack your roof from below and lift it clean off your house. “If a large window or door is broken open on the wall facing into the wind, the overall uplift forces that are trying to lift the roof off your house may be doubled,” the Florida Department of Emergency Management reports. 

Energy Efficiency: Your existing windows may be letting the South Florida heat might seep into your home, causing your air conditioner to work overtime. Hurricane impact windows are designed to keep howling winds and flying debris from entering your home. In a happy coincidence, they also work to help keep heat out and your comfortable, cool air-conditioned air in. That means you can look forward to saving money on your electric bills – especially if you are currently living with older windows that weren’t designed to be energy efficient. Impact replacement windows from Master Builders will provide that energy efficiency and help you keep your house comfortably cool all year long. 

Sound Filtering: South Florida is awash in noise pollution. You don’t have to live on a major thoroughfare to be plagued with the sounds of street traffic. Planes crisscross the skies overhead and trains rumble through communities at all hours of the day and night. Does loud music seem to constantly emanate from the Airbnb rental in your neighborhood?  Does your neighbor have a tendency to slam his car door whenever you put the baby down for a nap?  Does your dog go crazy every time someone walks down the street? Maybe you live next door to the guy who loves to get up bright and early on Saturday mornings to tackle DIY projects that always seem to require loud hammering or the use of power tools. Fortunately, the strength and thickness of impact windows insulates your home from the noisy world outside your doors. (A fact that is probably music to your ears!)

UV Protection: In South Florida, the sun can be relentless. You probably wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the dangerous UV rays that can cause skin cancer. But what about your beautiful bedroom curtains, your favorite recliner or the treasured family portraits hanging on your wall?  That sunlight streaming through your impact windows in Boca Raton – or any other South Florida community – can wreak havoc on wood furniture and floors as well as on upholstery, rugs, drapes, photographs and art. The sun’s harsh UV rays will leech the colors you love from fabrics and dry out your wooden furniture and floors. Fortunately, the laminated glass used to make hurricane impact windows eliminates up to 99 percent of the damaging UV rays in sunlight that can harm your furniture and cause your carpets and curtains to fade!

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